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Portimao – Review and Pictures. Samantha Ellis 01/01/2017


For holiday makers who want to enjoy beaches in Portugal and the Algarve coast Portugal is the place of choice. In the past Portimao was a shipbuilding and fishing village. Portimao gradually developed into a popular seaside holiday resort town, right after Faro.

The area around Portimao, and along the Arade river, is fertile and cultivated with figs, carob and almonds. Besides agriculture it is also a water sports hub. Sailing, kite-surfing, surfing, powerboating, sailing, motorsport, windsurfing, water gymnastics and scuba-diving are all to be enjoyed in Portimao.

For those who love Portimao, history and architecture the medieval Castle of Santa Catarina is the place to explore. It sits on the shore as the witness of the past. It was built near Praia de Rocha to protect the port from pirates and also served as a military base. The staircase will take you from the fort down to the Praia de Rocha beach. This lovely sandy beach surrounded by ochre cliffs is perfect for pictures with deep blue ocean in the background. Annual soccer tournaments take place here as well.

Portimao is a great seaside summer holiday town that offers everything a visitor needs. You can choose from shopping for famous brands to souvenirs and bargains at markets, dining in casual bars or fine restaurants, promenades and walks downtown to golfing, dolphin watching, fishing and parachuting.

If you are bored and have enough of sand and sun, there are numerous possibilities for day trips around the city. Lagos Zoo and Zoomarine are nearby attractions for all ages as well as the Slide and Splash Waterpark.

Portimao has several festivals and interesting events to entertain visitors. There are fesitvals for Sand Sculpture, Birdwatching, Sardines and Fisherman. The top event is also the Portugal Masters golfing competition. If you love hunting for rare treasures, save your Saturday and Sunday mornings for flea market explorations.

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Portugal: The world’s hottest destination in 2017

Warm weather, stunning beaches, historic cities and affordable prices make it a top choice. It’s also just a hop, skip or jump from pretty much anywhere in Europe.

Parts of Lisbon, the capital, date back to the ninth century.

Brave surfers can tackle the huge swell in Nazare, while beach-lovers can soak up the sun in the Algarve

Portugal’s second biggest city, Porto, is located in the country’s north.

It’s about an hour’s drive from the Minho wine region, which produces fresh whites perfect for drinking in the summer as well as robust fortified wines.

In terms of food, a local favourite is the Francesinha, which is like a sandwich with sausage, ham, steak, melted cheese and a hot tomato and beer sauce.

The city itself has a medieval centre with cobbled streets and gilded carvings. It’s a maze, but if you follow the river you won’t get lost.